Hadden Ervin

About Us

Ervin’s Auto Search began as an idea back in late 1996. A friend of mine suggested that since I knew my way around cars that I should provide a professional service buying cars for people.

It was early 1998 that I ran the first ads in the local paper and right away customers began inquiring.

I delivered my first car to a buyer at that time, and steadily the business has grown now to the point where we have sold over 700 vehicles, but haven’t lost the customer service and value for money that we began with.

My business is family owned and operated, so my customers get to deal with people – not a company.

My concept was to avoid commissions from the car sellers, to date we have never received a kick back on the sale of any vehicle.

Our difference from the rest of the industry has proven the success of my unique service – some families have bought multiple cars with me over the years.

I still proudly put my name on the business and look forward to serving you.


Hadden Ervin