Terms and Conditions

Hadden Ervin

Terms and Conditions

Please read our terms and conditions:

To become a customer a prospective buyer must-

1: Complete the order form –

2: Agree to these terms and conditions and

3: Provide us with a deposit according to the value of the vehicle sought. ($250 under 20k / $500 over 20k)

Customers are not obligated to purchase from us, unless there has been a commitment made to purchase a specific vehicle as quoted.

We do kindly request customers give 14 days to try to locate a suitable vehicle.

A commitment to purchase a specific vehicle may be in the form of a verbal agreement face to face or by phone (constituting a verbal contract) it may also be written, faxed, text messaged or emailed, any such commitment by a customer will be considered final and binding under the terms of the agreement.

Initial deposits are non refundable.

If a customer chooses to cancel an agreement for any reason after the purchase of a vehicle on their request, cancellation charges will apply at our discretion – up to 25% of the sale price of the vehicle.

We will not renegotiate price or inclusions subsequent to an agreement to purchase for any reason. The negotiated sale agreement is final and binding.

Following the agreement to purchase a car, customer agrees not to make enquiries after the vehicle with any party (other than PPSR or similar), do subsequent research about the specific vehicle of any kind (including online), or attempt to purchase the vehicle directly from our supplier.

Full payment for vehicles will be required within 48 hours of sale (prior to delivery) in order to pay our suppliers, to facilitate preparation and delivery of vehicle.

We will undertake to make good any faults with the vehicle in accordance with consumers rights under department of fair trading rules, and according to any known faults agreed upon in the sale.

Warranty (3 months / 5000km) will apply to passenger vehicles (not commercial vehicles) which are less than 10 years old and travelled under 160000kms. Additional manufacturers warranty may apply to late model vehicles.