Business Opportunities

Hadden Ervin

Business Opportunities

Here At Ervin’s Auto Search there are 2 main business opportunities to consider.

  1. Stock buying partners.

Often we have opportunity to by vehicles at great prices to re sell at a profit. Our partners make funds available for this purpose and share 30% of the profit when that vehicle sells. Historically these partnerships are worth 20 – 30% ROI per annum.

Financial partners usually invest around $20k to start.

  1. Join the team! Become a broker yourself.

If you would like to join the team at EAS we have some regions available with no local sales representation at this time.

We can offer an exclusive region, the ability to learn about the motor industry in Australia – and become a motor dealer or broker yourself. This is a unique means of gaining experience and a start in the industry as well as a business of your own to grow and develop.

With packages starting as little as $30k depending on the area you can become your own boss – with support from us.

AS a part of the EAS team you can:

– Learn to sell cars without a desperate sales pitch.

– Do unlimited numbers of vehicle sales; meaning you will not be limited to a handful of sales like an unlicensed operator.

– Transfer registration of vehicles without stamp duty!

– Learn the process of vehicle brokering and sales.

– Avoid expensive mistakes!

– Help families and businesses get better value more reliable cars.

– Have most paperwork and invoicing done for you.

– Earn a great living as you succeed.

There is an application process, so contact us for more information.