Ford Falcon

Ford Falcon

The Ford Falcon is set to be retired as a model in the Ford stable – which is a real disappointment.  Falcons have been a terrific price range family car for over 4 decades, and remain a popular, big family car. The interior space is the big feature for me, I don’t find myself accidentally elbowing my wife while I drive around in a Falcon- unlike smaller cars where you are wedged together to save fuel…  They also have really good performance and handling these days, so I happily recommend them.

The big Ford also has a factory LPG option – I had one of my drivers go to pick a wagon up from Melbourne – filled it up with gas outside the auction, and drove all the way to Sydney on the one tank of gas. He reckoned he would have made it all the way home to the Central Coast – but wasn’t game…

They do suffer from terrible resale values but when you are buying second hand this works in your favour. Wagons will hold value better than sedans, and gas cars will be dearer than petrol – factory fitted gas is the preference. Interestingly the plain white LPG cars are the ones that will sell for the most as the taxi companies snap them up for use as cabs.

So if you want a Falcon – get a gas one in a colour!

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