Toyota Aurion

Toyota Aurion

The very popular Toyota Aurion has been a HUGE hit with fleet buyers. Since it was released back in 2006, there are thousands on the roads here in Australia today. I would see 30 – 60 per week in the near new marketplace with klms ranging from 15000 – 120 000, which means they can be bought for a customer for as little as $15k for higher kay examples – or around $20k for low klm or a bit more for really low klms…

The Aurion is virtually indistinguishable from the Camry – slightly different front plastics, but the main difference is the engine. Camry is powered by the adequate and reliable 2.4lt 4 cylinder, while Aurion gets a surprisingly quick 3.5lt v6 with around 200kw. I have owned both, but after driving the Aurion – I would feel kind of insecure in a Camry…. the Aurions power plant has got the go required for those ‘not quite enough space’ overtaking situations – or towing – or showing commodore owners they arent the fastest people on the road….

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